Mode-2 and Mode-1 Knowledge

The twenty first century can be impacted upon by a number of sources. One of the most modern and innovative influences is the emerging Mode-2 society. First what Mode-2 knowledge is, and how it is different to Mode-1? Mode-1 knowledge is structured, single minded and slow to change. Mode-1 creativity can be seen in traditional occupations such as classical music or art history. Mode-2 takes a different approach and breaks down the traditional ways of thinking. Mode-2 knowledge is involved in a lot of group work, discarding the principal that ideas can be generated from one individual. One example of a product created out of Mode-2 knowledge is “Google Reader.” This program eliminates the constant need to surf the web. Instead of having to search for recent additions to your favorite web sites, websites updates will be sent to you directly.

Mode-2 knowledge can impact on society in an infinite amount of ways. There is no telling what economical problems can be solved when this breed of knowledge is applied to circumstances. If Mode-2 knowledge is be to incorporated into 21st century society an act of creative entrepreneurship will need to be applied. Creative entrepreneurs will need to commune and become actively involved in the world’s future. With the help of entrepreneurs gateways to creativity in business will be opened.

Transdisciplinarity methods will need to be utilized in order to open the endless ways of thinking that is Mode-2. One such transdisciplinairty method would be to merge two completely different stimuli and see what product is generated. For example, the knowledge of an artist can be combined with the experience of a structural engineer, and can possibly create a completely new architectural structure. When two principals such as these are carried out is called knowledge production. Another form of knowledge production is the combination of two unrelated objects to create something new. Paper and glass may be pooled to create a new strengthened form of writing material. The possibilities are endless when Mode-2 knowledge is applied.

Mode-2 with all its possibilities is not always the best choice of action. There are many cases where mode-2 knowledge may not always work. Mode-2 is a very broad way of gathering information but sometimes the amount of information getting collected is so vast that no work can be completed. Other times there are some projects that are so structured and inflexible that Mode-1 knowledge is really the only option.

Regardless of the possibilities and consequences Mode-2 knowledge is the future and should be embraced by all creative entrepreneurs. Still a question will always remain, could there ever be a Mode-3?

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