Sleeping Dreams

What a shallow fool I am / Expecting others to be more than man

Liberal Party Doctrine Not in a Dictionary

Liberal is free from prejudice / No bigotry or restrictions placed
Real Men Knit ( Hoodie ) by Gregory John O'Flaherty

Given a Chosen to Choose Vote

Ignore the warnings and they are back / For a moments distraction will bring their Hells / Names forgotten more eternal heart ache / Brings…

Revelation 8.11 Stars Fall

Recognise what you see as Revelation to you.

1260 Days of Revelation

1260 Days of Revelation

Do Not try This


Crime Begets Crime


Wedded Remiss

Wed me now all failing

Tears of the Dead


The Wall of Political Will


Corruption Unheard

There is no point to writing / Yet another formal complaint

Africa Unite

Africa United in Peace and as in one
Fig and Silver Eye by Gregory John O'Flaherty

the Two Edges of an Elected Sword

Orchard Swallow Tail, in Flight by Gregory John O'Flaherty Blue Tongue Lizard by Gregory John O'Flaherty White on Blue by Gregory John O'Flaherty Orchard Swallowtail by Gregory John O'Flaherty

Modern Slavery

So aren’t you glad you are now a free man / Free to be slaved to our debt as you can

Big Ted Rides Over Corruption

Do not worry about Un-executed Warrants served / Or the denial of Legal Aid for all and me

ANSWER ( A New Skin Will Eternally Reward )


Advance Australia Where

Am I one of your True Blue sons / Pensioned off disabled in your Service

99 Versus The 1%ers Clan

Chapter and Charter protect their backs

Lest We Forget Tomorrow

Lest We Forget Tomorrow / I live in a World sad / Full of hatred and fear / Anyone different seen as bad / Prejudices old shed a new tear /…

Big Brother, Little Peter

The Drummer in a Bush Rock n Roll band / He would always share the good he got

I Symbiont

The whole Earth sustains me / Symbiont I one among Billions
Eddington Farmyard by Gregory John O'Flaherty Loddon River, Eddington by Gregory John O'Flaherty

I Must Have One Too

Eco the first syllable the Ecosphere our home

Politicians Eternal Nemesis

Frequently destroying what they once did build

Retrospective Criminal Politicians

The most vulnerable seek all politicians’ aid

The United State of Me, Gregory

And all I have will be mine for free / My thought will be the only Law / I will be anything I want to be

The Truth No Lie


Global Zero – Sonnets for Queen Noor

I too have remand ever silent / To scared to voice my belief



Ode to Joe Hockey and Phillips Fox

Green Cheese and the Moons Twin by Gregory John O'Flaherty

Sonnet to Home


Looking for the Greatest

If of three Love is the greatest of all
Thought on Electromagnetic Induction and Flight (black ) by Gregory John O'Flaherty Thoughts on Electromagnetic Induction and Flight by Gregory John O'Flaherty Doves by Gregory John O'Flaherty


It Has All Gone Pear Shaped by Gregory John O'Flaherty

Sad Witness


Forgive Me My Mother


Lies Of Liberty


Anothers’ Pain


Love Lets Go


Rev Out

Hear that engine now singing / Every piston sending out its’ song

Waking Up Dreaming

All was not jealousy and heated lust / That took us both our separate way
Top Knotch Dove Conga by Gregory John O'Flaherty

Eye For An Eye


The Ghost Dance of Wovoka

Don your Ghost Shirts and sing / Dance and dance into the dawn
Hate Hate by Gregory John O'Flaherty

Leave It

Start afresh / Just tell yourself it is over


Who would give / Love to only me

No Frontier

Monarch Butterfly 2 by Gregory John O'Flaherty Monarchs by Gregory John O'Flaherty

Dominion Our Only Morrow


One Won Two Too

Red Back Spider by Gregory John O'Flaherty

To My Sister, Gaye


The Sadducees

Testing you their aim to later leave nothing to fate

Apostate to Man


Alone is Home


Java, Chips, and the I Ching




Her Majesty’s’ Forces


Terra Australis

* / * * / * / *
Tatters by Gregory John O'Flaherty Terra Australis by Gregory John O'Flaherty Natures Fly Trap by Gregory John O'Flaherty Black Spiders by Gregory John O'Flaherty Fireworks by Gregory John O'Flaherty Itzy Bitzy Spider by Gregory John O'Flaherty

To Myself Slaved


Unforgiving Unrepaired

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