Police Corruption, The Disabled, and My Home Town

For those following my fights with the Victoria Police – From The Maryborough District Advertiser, Friday Jan 27, 2012 page 2

Suspended Officer fined by court

A Maryborough police officer who was suspended from duties after an alleged assault has been convicted and fined after a court found he hindered an Office of Police Integrity investigation.

Leading Senoir Constable Paul Taylor pleaded guilty, to a charge of hindering an OPI officer in the execution of their powers, at the Bendigao Magistrates Court earlier this week.

Leading Senoir Constable Taylor was one of four Victorian Police officers stationed in Maryborough who were suspended with full pay over an alleged assault on a disabled man in March 2010

At Monday’s hearing, Taylor was convicted and fined $5000 after he admitted to hiding evidence, which could have incriminated a fellow officer in the alleged assault, from OPI investigators during their inquiries into the incident.

He will also face a disciplinary hearing in front of Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay.


My issues with this are, is this the complaint I made, as I have made serveral, and been kept out of the investigation process. I have heard of the practice of Police and the Justice Department deliberately not informing victims of police assault, of the court cases etc. so as to give the police a chance to have the charges and investigations dismissed…… This could be another disabled persons complaint … tere have been a lot here.

Also, how can an officer plead guilty to a crime such as covering up and hindering an investigation, and only have to face a disciplinary hearing. Why isn’t he immediately dismissed ??

When the assault was first reported on it mentioned the victim of the assault had a Intellectual Disability. I have a disability but it is not intellectual, so I have to ask who the victim was …. I made several complaints to Ethical Standards Department and the OPI, including one re assaults around this time. I have now been added to the Victoria Police Domains email Blacklist. I have forwarded the email advice of that to many as the Police claim they don’t run a Blacklist ; but mine get rejected !!!

The Maryborough District Advertisers Webpage hasn’t been updated. The Bendigo Advertisers report doesn’t mention that the assault refered to was on a disabled man.

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