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Port of Echuca Metal Print


  • Available in high gloss or satin
  • Gently rounded corners
  • Cleanable surface
  • Lightweight aluminium is literally infused with the chosen artwork


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Port of Echuca
Designed by Jason Ruth
*BEST VIEWED LARGE* The Port of Echuca with the Murray in flood. This image was taken near the end of August, so it is pre the rains of September and it is likely to have more water in it now. Still it was a sight to behold, from the Paddlesteamers a long way up the wharf, council signs now submerssed and not a dry riverbank in sight. *Equipment* _Nikon D300 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6_ *Processing* Photomatix Pro 3 images (-2ev, 0ev, 2ev) Processed with Photomatix. The noise cleaned up with noiseware. _A Big *THANK YOU* to those that take the time and effort to peruse my images. Also thanks for the extra time you have taken for making comments. All comments are appreciated and read, that includes constructive criticism._

Metal Print

Port of Echuca by Jason Ruth


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