What Am I???

Ooh, I like this place a lot. Only been here just over 48 hours and I love it already. But what are the people that use the site known as? Are we Bubblings, Bubblers, Bubbleys, Bubblettes? On another site I am known as a flickrite as I am sure many of you are too.

What I love about this site is that we are all individualistic in our arts and we are able to be creative and show our artworks as well as write about them all at the same time. My creative juices are bubbling away under the surface and I am ready to create more and more – I think. I tend to go off on tangents away from my original threads but I usually get to where I want to be in the end although it may be a long way around, I guess I like the scenic routes.

A long time ago I kept a journal on another site, but that fell by the wayside because of other avenues that twisted and turned along my scenic route, but I think I might just be back on the right road once more. Let’s hope so, maybe my writing talents may bubble back to the surface from the fiery central core that resides within.

If you are taking time out to read my ramblings, then thanks for stopping by and thank you for taking the time to share your artistic talents with me also.

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