Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve

On the 6th September 2008 I decided to go to the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve. I went by myself to check the place out and work out costs for future outings.

Half past eleven I arrived at the gate. The guards seemed nice and informative. As soon as I got to the reception I immediately wanted to see what the museum was like and just to explore.

The museum was dark, but had photos on display through back-lit glass with an orange light, so all the photos and information was clearly visible.

I got to the enquiry counter asked for a map of some kind and made my way to the ‘Tourist Route’ which is in other words, a 66km one way drive around the reserve.
It takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete, if you drive the speed limits, which is 50km and 30km in some parts.

It was about 12:30 in the afternoon when I started the route. All of the game that I saw was Black Wildebeest, Springbok and Baboons.

The Wildebeest were quite some distance from the road, about 200-300m away, so the photos are not so great.

When I came across the Springbok the herd was startled by the sound of my vehicle and ran behind me, jumping across the road in prancing fashion.
This was time for some good photos to be taken but unfortunately they were to far so the photos I took were rather small.

The Baboons were quite inquisitive about me they did not run or anything. They just carried on with what they were doing, which was in fact nothing, but looking quite docile.

The reserve is a really great place to go hiking, riding driving looking for game.

This was my first time at the reserve and certainly not the last.

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