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The Arts & Social Consciousness

The Arts as a raising Social Consciousness tool.

Awhile back, concerning Global Warming issues & my atmospheric/landscape/waterscape series on that subject, I wasn’t too surprised to hear comments indicating some folks don’t believe in the events documented in Al Gore’s “Undisputed Truth.”
One of the funniest, IMHO, was the “I’d like to slap Al Gore up alongside his head; knocking some sense of smell into him because I doubt he can smell what he’s shoveling” comment.

Big LOL on my part when I first got that email from a very dear friend who lives in Down Under…Having said that: Last year at this time, on my Birthday, the 16th, we already had snow here. Yesterday, it was gorgeous, bright, sunny, with no wind; so it felt warmer than the 56F reading on my outdoor…Today, it’s darkly overcast, 55F, coldly windy & damp, which greatly influenced which upload I chose…as well as my comment & conceptual question for my fellow artist friends here…To clarify: Reading between the following lines; have you ever conceptually wondered: With all the chatter about Polar Ice Melt, problematics aside; “Okay, so what is the Antarctica continent going to look like – after being buried under ice all these zazillion years?” has my curiosity level sky high, so to speak.

Incidentally, I’m asking viewers to rate this “Issues – Antartica Meltdown” image; as a “survey” of the Issue the design addresses; NOT as a rating of my modeling work; which I’m very proud of with this design :D
IF a viewer reading this has “Artistic Jealousy Issues” please – try to rise above that – because Spaceship Earth is the only home Humanity has, if she crashes, we ALL perish!

WE ALL as Nations, really need to put Cultural, Ethnic, Political & Religious differences aside…Focus on the Global Environment; hopefully, there’s still time to turn things around.

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