After being here for over 4 years now…I recieved my FIRST check from RedBubble for my sales. Although I can’t make much sense of the sale dates…it seems I got payment for the past 2 years worth of sales. How exciting to finally SEE my work’s worth in my hands!
Even though I’ve made hundreds of dollars in the past 4 years for my work overall…this was the first I recieved a payment via internet. Talk about a long time waiting! I had actually given up on ever actually SEEING payment for the work I sold here on RB as I know I can’t get anything until RB gets theirs as well as the printers, postal and so forth.
Thank you everyone who has purchaced my work…it reallllly DOES mean a lot emotionally as well as financially…especially since I can REALLY use it to do more art with. Means more then anyone knows.

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