Thank You!

Thank you so much RiverOtter for u’r purchase of one of my favorite fungi photos yet!
It’s always wonderful to open an email to find that announcement!

Thank you to the FreedomToShine group who featured this image

And please don’t forget that the purchase of these 3 images will go directly to help the Atchison Co. Humane Society to help care for animals they have under their protection.

So often we forget our pets and the animals around us need homes, warm beds, fresh food and water, LOVE…….and my local Humane Society has been doing that out of their own pockets for over 10 years now. However, their funds are getting very short, they’re having to house fewer animals because of this, and now they have to re-do all the walls because of new building codes. I’ve volunteered work for these wonderful people many times…most the kitten/puppy pics I have in my gallery are from the shelter…..If I won the lottery (right!) I’d definately be donating a huge share to their needs.
I posted those 3 images with all purchases of them going to help.
Those images were taken just a few days ago in a protected wild-life area in my hometown. No hunting is allowed…and someone decided to take their shotgun out there and just randomly blow away the lives of several ducks and other birds. Their carcasses remain all over the area with bullet casings and spent bullets laying among them.
Again, my thanx to RiverOtter and FreedomToShine group for u’r kindness! And to all my fellow bubblers for the support you’ve given me to this day!

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