Fantastic Moments and Thanx!

First I’d like to thank these groups…..

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Thank you all, especially Bits and Pieces who’ve featured more of my images than all the other groups combined!

My son and I just went on our second and last trip to the Kansas City Rennaisance Festival held in Bonner Springs, Kansas. May I recommend to anyone who enjoys fun, fantacy, craziness, pagentry, art, turkey legs, wenches, vulgarians, knights and just plain odd people? PLEASE VISIT YOU’RE NEAREST SHOW!Thanx to everyone asking for help to ID their new mushroom finds! Please feel free to ask as even if I can’t always ID? I’d still like to SEE what you found!And my thanx again and ALWAYS…to all you special people, including those who’ve gifted me not only with their friendship but even GIFTS freely given. These things have ALL done wonders in keeping me alive and kicking.

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