I Fear Not death by Sandra March

I fear not death
My soul longeth for freedom
Brother against brothers
Do we understand our purpose?
We burn the limestone
To build our pyramids
The sacrifices of our maidens
To appease our gods
Until there is no one left
To continue our civilisation
Warriors! Our warriors are now machines
But against all odds
We continue. Scattered
Covered in dust, we continue to build
Cutting down the trees
I look from the mountain tops…No more trees.
No air to breathe…we kill ourselves
No one left upon the earth to carry on
Only the lonely gods. No one to worship
The tower stands alone. No one to take care of them
My blood flows upon the altar
But is it enough?
Mother, Mother, Mother Nature
Too soon we have spread across you. Building
Pride! Love!
Are they enough? No! Where is love
I eat the heart of the living
And look upon the dead
Love is the liar
Look into my eyes. Fear
The future. I must

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