Bloody Reports

How many different ways can you say – ‘If your child read at home every day out loud and practised their times tables every day for five minutes, then they would be much better all round.’?
I have said each thing worth saying to each parent many times over.. but what gets me…what really gets the parent I wont see. The one who never comes to parents’ evening. The one who never listens to their child read, the one who never supports them while they do their home work. Who doesn’t come to sports day. Who is always late handing in slips. Their lives may be frought with worries and woes, but their children get left behind. And when that child leaves school with poor grades and low self esteem – they are the parents who will say “That school was rubbish, they never taught him nothing – I could of dun a better job!”

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  • LouiseKuskovski