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Originally from Australia now living in Northern California, I lived in Hong Kong for a number of years. As a younger person I traveled...

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For many years I’ve been writing blogs at different sites for different topics. Of latemy blog has been about local politics. Here at bubble I have no desire to be political or give a point of view about a political issue but I will discuss bubble and my love of photography.

I was first introduced to photography in my last year at school, when I was doing HSC. My Art teacher was a photographer, he encouraged me to do a final portfolio of 5 photos for my HSC Art folder. Originally I was doing a portfolio of silk screens with a Manet twist.

One thing led to another and I ended up doing Photography – Illustrative at RMIT in the late 70’s. With no science background at school I didn’t do to well so I quit and moved on to something else, office administration.

Try put someone who is artistic into an office and you get frustration. Redbubble has been an answer to my prayers! thank you creators of RB.

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