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Men are wired up differently!!

A bit of tongue in cheek banter!:))

Here I am, minding my own business quietly tapping the keys of my laptop, and in the background is a Scottish football game on TV.
Now I am not a football fan and never will be.
It is noisy, resonating with male voices singing and chanting – mainly out of tune and getting extremely excited about a ‘bag full of wind’ being kicked around a grass pitch.
Don’t get me wrong; sure it’s “each to their own” as the saying goes, but I am positive now that men are wired up very differently to women.
You see, amongst all that noise coming out of a screen in the corner of our lounge I hear a voice behind me shouting at this inert piece of furniture that has no ears, no brain and certainly no life, apart from the fact that a human has to switch it on or off.
‘Come on, you need to step up the pace.’
‘Bad pass, man, bad pass!’
Oh that’s no good! Get him off the pitch!’
Now I AM convinced men are from Mars and wired up in no way the same as us women!!
When a man has longer conversation with an inert bit of technology than me, I guess it’s my turn to ‘talk’ to the laptop!! Could do worse I guess.

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