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Share love this Christmas

To all my RB friends, I wish you all a very peaceful and pleasant Christmas.
Please take the time to remember those who have recently lost loved ones in the run up to the festive season, and for those who may have lost loved ones last year and this will be the first Christmas without them, like we have.
Maybe there are folk you know that are alone and could do with a friendly face for an hour or so to make their day a little brighter and to show you care.
Send a card if you are able with an uplifting message; a text message or even a phone call if that is easier, to wish them well.
There will be families who are struggling this Christmas financially, so if you have a local food bank in your area or one that you particularly feel compelled to give to, a few tins of good nutritional food will be a blessing to someone, somewhere. If it is preferable to you, make up a hamper and deliver to someone in your area you know would really benefit. You don’t have to make a big deal of it if you want to keep it anonymous. Just quietly leave it in a secure place and place a card through their door.
This is ‘love in action’ and goes such a long way to showing care and compassion this Christmas tide.
Have a good time; be careful; be sensible; share and care; and may you be blessed by the true meaning of Christmas!

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