New designs and a huge thank you!

I just wanted to give a massive thank you to everyone who’s bought things from me on here and supported me – I’m constantly amazed and touched by the lovely messages and comments I receive from people, they really make a difference and keep me motivated with my work.

I know I haven’t uploaded anything new in a very long time, which unfortunately I do have to blame on my studies and exams. However it is coming up to Christmas, and the holidays mean I will be able to finally finish a bunch of designs that I started a while ago.

A very vague plan for umcoming designs (in no particular order):
- Danganronpa
- Fate/
- KanColle

I will be making designs of individual characters every now and again, but hopefully I’ll be able to make more collections of multiple characters from the same shows like my EVA or Oreimo range. If you really like a show and want me to make a character from it please let me know. If a certain number of people were to suggest the same show to me I’d definitely look into making a bunch of characters rather than just one.

I really hope that everyone likes the things I make in the future!

A huge thank you,

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