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Praying after a tradegy is like telling your kids to thank Santa for not brining them gifts.
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Strange facts

You know I never wrote my wife a poem. / Yet I was inspired to write hundreds-for a stranger. / This tells me everything! / It should be noted that they were written years after the divorce.
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Be careful what you think (for fun)

It all starts when I meet a beautiful woman and we start to date , as we get closer each day we text each other with little love messages and talk about everything from the true amount of vitamin c in an orange -to subjects such as, is it wrong to want to hit people with sticks if they annoy you, you know, the normal stuff. / But all might not be a bed of rosses in the “Davey boy -love nest” you …
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Every place I visit accesses a part of me which is otherwise dormant, / Once visited, it can be called upon. / Paris makes me feel one way-Almeria-another. / People have this effect on me too.
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The problem women have in their search for a prince, is that a man need first to find a princess!

What’s gone’s -gone!

Do you ever feel like the best stuff has already happened? / Nah, me neither, just saying………….

Halted memories.

I’m missing it all, / The weekends away-making memories we can savour. / Picking out cutlery, simple things made magical by our love for ea…

Here and gone…..

Sometimes losing is winning. / When my waistline grew, it was ok, because I had you. / When my hair started thinning , it was ok, because …

“Mine” love!



Sometimes when I’m having afternoon tea and the winter sun pours through the window onto the chair in which I am sitting, I look at paintin…

N palm.

Her voice was like honey falling on to lost souls.

My decisions…..

My decisions….. / He didn’t just miss her when the sun went down, / It was the smallest detail, running out of coffee, dead heading …


I was glad I felt like shit, it meant I was still alive, not lost to the numbness that sometimes rules my world.

Almost past / It’s duller now, / Still there on occasion-but duller. / It has to be this way, it’s how we survive. / But every so often wh…

To dream is to hope.

Written this evening 20.46…5 nov 2017. to an unknown love. / To be able to lay my head on your lap-in the summer sun, knowing you wer…

Nothing lasts forever……..(Screaming w…

Existential BS on a Sunday…. / Sometimes we reach out , quietly screaming in the hope that someone will hear. / At the same time -not…
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