Holes in Our Heart

I lived a life engulfed in sorrows,
Dreaming of the day my Prince would come.
To take me away to live in happy tomorrows,
Never to be alone, no longer lonesome.

Then you came into my life,
It was amazing, crazy and wild.
Deeply in love, I became your wife.
Not long after we had our first child.

I was happier than I had ever been.
Living out all my dreams,
A righteous life, not one of sin.
Yet, it wasn’t real, so it seems.

You departed and are not here,
You have been gone a long while.
When you left, a second child was near.
Our children the only reason I could still smile.

I thought the pain would one day fade.
I thought that it would utterly disappear.
Whoa, it only rests in a quiet shade.
Its’ ugly presence always near.

From another woman, you have another son.
One which I consider my own.
She left you and him when it was all done.
Without us, he too is alone.

We love him, your children and I.
In return, he loves us too.
This family that has been torn apart makes me cry.
Makes me feel hopeless, not knowing what to do…

Truly we had love and hope in the beginning.
Now sins’ unrelenting arrow has torn us apart.
No more happiness, no more laughing in the ending.
Just huge emptiness, these holes that are in our heart.

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