The Work of Our Lord

Everyday I see people suffering and in misery, including myself. I have physical pain, mental hurt and emotional bruises.

I grew up in a family who gave much love as a child. I didn’t have a clue that we were poor. For as long as you have someone who cares you can face the cold, hard world.

I never imagined that there were people who didn’t have anyone to love them. Alas, over time and passing generation, I have come to know the sorrowful truth. Not everyone has a somebody to love them.

They stand on their own, against all the elements of this world. Whether rich or poor, we are all poor if we have no one to love us.

I am thankful for the efforts of a few generous souls that reach out to offer assistance to others. Raising money to provide the neccessitys of this life for some and offering refuges for a select amount of the homeless, as space and finances provide.

But, what about the love? Who is there to offer the Love? You can look in bars, the streets, the movie houses, even the grocery store. But, what about true love?

I know of only One who can offer the true love that heals a life, saves a soul, and mends our brokeness. His Name is Jesus. If you will ask Him He will show you who He is….Just believe that there is someone mightier than yourself, more governing than you own government, more compassionate than a mother or a grandmother, more present in a time of need, a time of solitude or a time of rejoicing. Just call out and ask for His love. I know that He will respond.

My heart cries out to all those hurting without His love. Without Him I could not face another day. Without Him I could not continue on… But, I believe that “those who endure shall be saved, that those who overcome shall inherit”, so I go on.

May you find the Lord Jesus while He is still calling.

Love to all who reads these words.


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