Pinwheel - (The Dying Rabbit journey continued)

“Mama! Mama! Where is Pinwheel?” hollered Sally Sue.

“Well, I don’t know. I didn’t know it was my turn to rabbit-sit.” giggled Mama.

“Oh!! That darn critter! How am I ever going to keep up with him if he doesn’t stay where he is suppose too?” Sally Sue exasperated, “Two years now and ya’d think he’d know what is his designated spots.”

Mama giggled even more at that last comment as the little girl continued to look under the couch, the chairs and the footstools.

Mama was too busy preparing supper to worry about a silly rabbit. It was always ‘disobeying’ the little girl. It obviously didn’t agree with his designated spots.

Mama always got a chuckle out of those two. Especially when Daddy had purchased a large cage with several sections joining together to form a small castle for Pinwheel. He was suppose to stay in its new home. That was the truly designated area for him. Yet, Sally Sue thought it was unmotherly not to have her baby with her always. When she went off to school was the only time she placed him in his new home, or when he was grounded. Which happened quit frequently. She would eat supper with him in her lap. Watch T.V. with him laying on her pallet , wrapped up in the covers with her, while her parents reclined in their favorite chairs. She would bathe with him, ignoring her mothers’ protests, and she even slept with him curled up around her neck to keep him warm at night. They were never very far apart.

Sally Sue apparently overlooked taking him to the bathroom with her when she went this time. Pinwheel was told to stay in the covers and watch T.V. Imagine the little thing not obeying what its’ adopted mother told him.

As Sally was kneeling down to search under mama’s recliner her daddy came home from work. He entered through the back door, as he always did, that led from the two-car garage. The garage was his castle while the kitchen was her mamas’.

Daddy enjoyed tinkering on the motor of his car, the motor of his lawnmower, and the motor of his weed eater. Basically, if it had a motor he tinkered with it, whether it needed it or not.

Mama spent her spare time cooking and sewing. Both were done in her bright, yellow and orange kitchen. The colors alone were enough to keep you wide awake, but the sun was able to shine in the entire day. When it came up, all the way to when it was setting.

“How’s my favorite ladies?” Daddy chirped as he put his lunch box on the kitchen cabinet, where he always placed it when he came home.

“I’m fine,” responded mama, kissing him on the cheek, “but Sally is in quite a state of mind. And its not really a quite state, if you know what I mean.”

“Ah, one of those moments is it? What seems to be the problem now? Did Pinwheel wet the bed again?” Daddy smiled.

“That is not funny!” squealed Sally as she popped out from under mamas’ recliner. Startling her daddy with her high pitch squeal.

“My goodness, child. I thought that we were alone. Good thing I wasn’t sweet talking you mother.”

“Oh, that is just gross, Daddy. You two are too old for all that mushy stuff.” stated Sally, as she wrinkled her cute little nose, “No, you are not alone. I’ve lost Pinwheel again.”

As she made this last comment a loud clamour came from the garage. Bang, bang, crash, clank, bang! Everyone ran to the garage. Daddy hadn’t closed the adjoining door. There in the dim light you could see rakes, hoes, shovels and the weed eater leaned over on mamas’ new car.

“What in tarnation!?” yelled Mama as Daddy switched on the light to expose the scene before them.

Every tool Daddy possessed had fallen over and hit Mamas’ new car. She’d only had it for two days.

“What did you do William?” asked Mama as she glared accusingly at Daddy.

“What do you mean “What did I do”?" retaliated Daddy. "I didn’t do anything. I just walked through the back door. I came around the front of your car, not the back. I didn’t even go near that side of your car.

As they were quipping with each other Sally held up her hand, “Shhh….I hear something, It’s under the car”

Daddy walked to the side of the car. He picked up some of the fallen tools, removing them from their place on the car, and placed them back up against the wall. He knelt down on one knee to look under the car. As he did something attacked him. He fell back in alarm, screaming “Ahhhh….”

Sally and Mama both began laughing hysterically. “Oh Daddy, you are so funny.” said Sally as she bent down to pick up Pinwheel. He had ran over to her and was sitting on her feet. Daddy had scared him as much as he had scared Daddy.

“Darn rabbit. What in the world is he doing in the garage?!” hollered Daddy as he picked himself up off of the floor.

“He must have escaped through the back door when you got home, William. You know he loves to try to get outside. Sally was looking for him when you got here. I’m certain he was hiding from her, waiting for you to open the back door. You know he has an awesome sense of time. He always knows when it is time for Sally to come home. Are you alright?” asked mama.

“Yeah. All except for my pride. Good thing a real monster wasn’t after me. You two would wet yourselves before you could help me.” he jokingly responded as he marched into the kitchen. "I’m going to go take a shower. Finish picking up this mess, little girl. Put all the tools back where they belong. And don’t let that blasted rabbit loose in my garage again.

“I didn’t Daddy. You left the door open.” argued Sally.

Mama shot her a stern gaze, “If you had that animal where it belonged it wouldn’t have gotten through the door. When you’ve finished putting up the tools take him to his little castle and put him up for a while. He’s grounded.”

As Sally replaced the tools she scolded Pinwheel the entire time. “Now you’re grounded you goofy thing. I’ll have to eat supper without you, watch T.V. without you and bathe alone now. I hope you’re happy.”

Pinwheel looked lovingly into her pretty blue eyes and twitched his nose. He adored his mistress. He never understood a word she said, but he could tell her mood by the tone of her voice. That is when he knew to hide or not. Plus, it was just pure fun playing hide and seek with her.

When she finished with the garage she took Pinwheel to his castle. As she was putting him in and closing the wire door her daddy came into her room.

“I’m sorry Daddy.” she said

“It’s okay, dear. I know it wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry I got upset with you and your mama. I almost wet my britches, though.” he giggled. “I have a surprise for you this evening after supper. I think you’re going to like this surprise.”

“What is it, Daddy?” she asked, excitedly.

“Well now, if I tell you it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

“When is supper, Mama?” she asked as she ran to the kitchen

“Soon darling. Why are you so excited.” responded Mama.

“Daddy has a surprise for me after supper.” stated Sally.

“Daddy and I need to talk honey. Please leave the room and give us a moment of privacy. What are you up to, William?”

“I got her a dog.” said Daddy excitedly.

“A dog? Are you out of you mind!? It’ll eat Pinwheel!” screeched mama.

“What will eat Pinwheel” questioned Sally, as she reappeared in the kitchen?

(Stay watching for the new pet at Sally’s house. The fun has just begun.)

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