Oh! That Child!!

I came to the library to use the computers to catch up on some work and to view my RedBubble overview. I longed to visit with my fellow members and view all the new stuff that has beed added to my list.

I included my son and my two second-cousins along on this trip. I thought that a trip to the library would be a good time for the 10 year old to use the Internet. She loves to visit Barbie.com. They don’t have the Internet at her house either, and she enjoys using it on our jouneys.

Her 17 year old brother is the silent type and you hardly notice that he is with your group. He spends time with my 18 year old son. They have a lot in common.

The little 10 year old loves me very much. She wants my attention quite regularly.

Day 2 – “Back Again”

As I was in the middle of saying:

We made a trip to the wonderful local library to gather some local color and get out of the heat. Our library is a fairly busy hub-bub of activity. It offers many wonderful oppurtunities for all age ranges in our little town in Texas.

I was mistaken about my little cousins age, she actually just turned 8 years old. She is a very energetic child and gets quite excited when we take our little trips. She is the daughter of my closest first cousin and her and I are attached to one another.

While the boys play games on the Internet, her and I find our own little favorite websites and go a-playing.

It is fun to hang with her and teach her new things. Her eyes light up with anticipation as the Internet opens up new doors to her little mind. On her site she gets to fashion pretend makeup, which she is not allowed to wear at her tender age, and she enjoys showing me her progress. She chooses a model, dresses her, applies makeup, gives her a manicure and away she goes, out on the town.

Only distraction to this situation is that when I find myself lost in thought,concentrating on what is before me, I hear her from across the area in her little desk like box. Psst…..Psst……HEY!!! Come see what I did….It is cool!!!

It is the little Psst…..Psst…..HEY!!! that gets ya. She starts off quite with the first little Psst…a little louder with the next little Psst….and the HEY!!!!!I is a little bit loud for your local public library.

I giggle as the two or three attendants all SH!!!!!!!! her at the same time. I roll the chair over to her little box desk and look at her amazing art work. She is grinning from ear to ear over her wonderful achievement. I roll back to my little area and continue to go about my own journey. Just when I think I have it made, I hear Psst…….Psst…. and I wait for the HEY!!!! Then the attendants SH!!! I can’t help but grin with amusement and a grand amount of love as this pesky, little child seeks my love and attention. It is worth every Psst….Psst…..HEY!!!! and SH!!!! in the entire universe.

God’s little miracles come in the smallest of happy moments.

Oh! That child!!! How I love her.

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