A year on........

A year from joining Redbubble – I’ve added loads of art and writing! I will always update my Redbubble page…..but I want to progress even more. Being a full time working mum, my artwork/writing is my hobby I love dearly……after the kids are in bed I’m drawing and writing until late at night! I have my website up and running: www.sarahsinnervoice.co.uk so if you would like your own original soft pastel drawing, size A3 for £40 then contact me on my site……Every single drawing I create is an original. I will always take a photo of it and may use that image again in Adobe Photoshop to create more artwork…..so don’t be surprised if you see your picture within another one later on down the road! But remember, your original is one of a kind……I never duplicate any drawings, each original drawing is unique…….love ‘n’ light, Sarah x

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