All works here are owned by the artist obviously, they are my ideation, my emotional labour and my tecchy slog…
In all honesty I don’t mind sharing at all, on facebook, blogs, journals etc, just give credit where its due. And don’t be afraid to bmail if you’re on the bubble or email for permission at If you don’t make any money out of your writing I understand and am not going to charge you for reasonable use. I also don’t have a problem with taking inspiration from the art and re-working it in respect of its moral value.
However if you are involved in a profit making enterprise you certainly need to talk with me first. I do ask that any usage to be free from ‘advertising’ including as seen on free websites. I also take umbrage at ‘scraper’ sites so please don’t type my name into any of these for ‘free wallpapers’. These sites are by hackers and should give your computer enough karmic return. Contrary to the representation of work on their pages, I have not given my permission for my work to be there, neither has anybody else associated with me.
My work is only at Redbubble, AW/See.Me and my independent websites. It is presented in a logical and respectful manner and If you do the same we won’t be having a problem.

Sorcha Whitehorse

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