Cover Piece

Wow! That cover section doesn’t work very well does it. It comes up HUGE. Way too big, else it is too detailed and you can only get one bit in, lol! Guess it’s only for patterns.
I’d bother sending this to feedback but they don’t care two hoots what artists think. Bummer could have been cute.

Genius Redbubble

Honestly new genius Redbubble tool is that the menu is now so long you can’t sign out without minimizing your screen to tiny because all they care about is mobile application. I think I’m done here. :’(

Looks Better Magnified

Due to formatting changes on RB our pics no longer display as well as they used to. The whole website has been mobile adapted at the cost of desktop visibility. So now they are much smaller and you have to use the magnifier to see them in their true glory.
Just so I don’t have to write it on every picture Looks better magnified

Sorcha x

Help with Loading for People!

Hi, I’ve noticed some people have problems loading their images into Redbubble because their images register as too small for printing. This is because the variety of products has increased dramatically.
Sometimes it’s not because your images lack image quality, they are just a different pixel size to the printing format, perhaps too narrow even.
This is easily fixed, all you have to do is resize them in your editor. You can choose any size but it’s easiest to just double them. All you have to do is open resize, choose pixel, double the figure in a calculator and keep the proportions, then ‘save as’ a resize so you can keep your original. If it’s still not large enough you can triple or quadruple, the images should look practically identical.
Hope this helps!
Sorcha x

Managing Portfolio Page. Don't Like it,Get used to it!

Well problem solved. You don’t like your ‘Manage Portfolio’ page get used to it. Because it is not going back to how it was because, “the majority of Redbubble artists support it”. Despite responses like this to the changes:
And apparently we don’t have counters anymore because of roaming bots that affect the accuracy of our stats. Get used to it it’s a good enough excuse for the, “web product team’s point of view” because you know it affects them so much.
Don’t like it, set up GA oh you already have because you’re a half intelligent human being, doesn’t matter that it’s totally irrelevant to back of house RB for RB artists.
Want to complain, you’ll get a template answer that everyone else is happy and directives to time wasting help …

Managing Portfolio Possible?

Hi, I know I’ve been a bit of a whinger lately but I just CAN’T manage my portfolio any more, it’s just too confusing. I would LOVE to have my old list system back. This enables a scanning method and a real quick editing system. Seriously if you want people to ruthlessly cut down and manage their portfolios this is the better way to do it. This is just too unwieldy.
I’’ll take the supersized visuals and minimized artist presentation everywhere else, just make it easier for us to manage our portfolios. We don’t need supersized pics in non chronological order, we need minimized pics and information to quickly judge on, words and numbers not pics! Ironically dumbing it down has actually made it super hard, like watching T.V.
We’re not dumb chimps who want to look at our own pics again, were co…

Grey Buttons and Usernames

Hi, my little grey buttons don’t work so I’ve removed them and just use my own created links. Don’t ask me why, they’re exactly the same.

So I was wondering does anybody know how to make a name that doesn’t have a last name? I’ve seen other people with one name, no last name. I’m guessing their using their username, but if you don’t want to use your username there seems to be no option to remove your last name especially when you become payable.

Don’t know if I’m making any sense…
*I’m trying to make a new account so I can add new work whilst editing the old account down but I don’t want to make the same mistake as last time where I can’t change my url even though noone looks at url’s anymore, it annoys me. I doubt RB will let me have two accounts with the same name.

*Features Journal!!*

Hi, My feature list is taking up too much space on my profile so I’m moving it to here :) ♥…


Featured in VaVoom

Raven’s feathers

Featured in Art and Ink So Free


Featured in VaVoom and Feminine Intent

not Barbie

Featured in Art and Ink so Free


Featured in Freedom

The White Queen

Featured in Art and Ink so Free

True Friend

Featured in Vavoom and Art and Ink so Free

Let me Breathe

Featured in Art and Ink So Free


Featured in Vavoom

beating blood


Featured in Art and Ink So Free!

pages in a book

Featured in All Out Emotion! :)


Featured in Art and Ink so Free ♥

Prometheus Bound


Double Feature No. 101 Peace, Love and Tranquility. Thankyou :D

Feature No. 100! Live, Love, Dream
Black Owl

Featured in Australian Women Photographers


Help with New Settings

Hi. I haven’t been online for a while and it RB has changed all its settings again. Does anybody know where the view counter has gone? Or is it just gone?

Sorcha x

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait