Heart and Soul. Over 1,000 views.

your box

Nothing you do / will contain me

small things

I feel small feet / upon my skin


Soaked, in my heart / Tears, hit the ground

pink clouds

The end of the world / or the end of the day


Pieces of metal / found day by day / nailed with memories / of unwanted pain

The Hermit

My heart is broken tin / I have to bear the grief / of the outcast and the lonely / of the shipwrecked on the reef

Prometheus bound

You can hang me by my feet / let your ravens feed from me / But you will never take my soul / who I am is what I own

Out of Control

Out of control is not my attire / Out of control is my desire


I need the place where there’s no pain / to live and breathe again / I can’t stay and hold your hand

This Creek

I sit here blessed / bare, immersed

the flame of life

Are we buying time / paid with sweat and tears / Are we living life / paved with blood and fears


You came in like a cloud / and darkened my day

Pretty lies

I am an idealist / and I’ve indulged in pretty lies


Inequality the evil, guilt the weevil / but still no help for the poor


had flight in its wings / and song in its heart


The tree branches will snatch / wisps of your hair


Kiss me with narcissistic pleasure / bite down on my bitter flesh

Queen of the Castle

a kingdom ruled by a tyrant


I’m past the point of fear / and you’re past the point of trying


I escaped execution / by straying from your side


languorous, laid back leisure

in the shadow of a bird

I am tall / but she did not see me

The Hare

I leave you behind / for you can not move so quick / Ahead in depth of loneliness / but rather that / than amongst the slow

Bite the Bullet

feel the peace / that only the dead know of

Blood blister

Blister break open / your pocket of dead skin


As it grows I die / as it thrives I free

Now, please

My heart / needs love

Push it

You know better / than to force a dream

Battle weary

I / am not beaten

Old bike

I want to be / where you are

pieces of paper

I’m happy to let the wind / blow me away

Float away

Feel like I could / just float away / Like a cloud on the breeze / on a summer’s day


if we live without her / misery is our fate


Fluttering past / on angel wings


iridescent sparkles / powder coat my skin

Cloud vapour

green cloaked hills wander away

beating blood

In the beating of my blood / In the momentary pulse / that bursts and dies

pages in a book

All my love / fades and dies / You are the page / left alive

Dreams and Dust

You gave yourself to another / untrusting soul / And I belong to no one / untrusting soul


Never to mistake the rose for its thorns


dreams are real / and every day is a dream / with you


If this is some love potion / you struck me with / It fades / with the days


we are only a few rings / of the tree apart

True Friend

If you’re going somewhere / I’ll go there with you / Because I am your friend / and I am true

Cold Dead Nest

Lie / In your dead nest


I will seek you / find you / keep you / Keep you away / from what you want

Let me Breathe

Fools lie in wait / to see blood weep


While I gave it my all / your love became / ashes of little fires

The White Queen

You can never feel the day / when all you speak is night


Women are women. / We’ll do whatever we want


I am not borne of Your body / I am not Your taste / your desire, your whim

Too Many Times

You don’t deserve my love / you have never deserved my love

a loyal heart

Loyalty is an emotion / stranger to you

Warm Winter’s Day

snatched moments / of the burning sun


You must really hate the fact / that I’m still alive

Evil curse

Jealousy is an evil curse / yours, not mine.


an infinite pile of needles / in an infinite stack

Wisdom teeth

I bury you like dead seeds / in the garden

silent doll

Haunting the streets forever / with words you hoped would never live


I am not a doll / I am the doll maker

Too late

not one second / of one day

slumming it

I am slumming it / and I am thinking / fuck you

not barbie

I don’t want fake boobs / I like being a bit fat, a bit flat / I like cellulite, weird huh


Fish swim in my belly

Raven feathers

Ravens are eating us alive
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