The Razor Doll

The Razor Doll

Once upon a time there was a little girl, except she was not a little girl at all, she was a life like doll made by magical folks and crafted with precision, she was made as a gift to two human souls that through their kindness were bestowed this one wish, that wish was to have a child that could never die, one that would never have to cry, or feel sadness.
The human couple had just lost their only daughter and they could not have anymore children, the magical folk watched as their world was torn apart, all the while the couple kept giving to society and the Magical folk made them one wish sealed in an envelope and delivered to them through kindness.
Now gifts of magic are rare and never without complications, so as they made their wish the powers at be through no fault of their own were given instructions by antiquity as to how to make their gift. They crafted a doll, she looked for every part like any human child except her soul was made of razors and she was stuffed with them, her heart was made of glitter dust and her life force was contained in a box that held many mysteries.
The magical folk gasped as they finished, she was beautiful, long silk hair the colour of golden meadows and topped by her deep green eyes she just looked, well to coin a Fraze magical.
The magic folk delivered her to the couple and they named her Rose, Rose was an exceptional child in ever way she excelled at school, she was bright as a button, and she never complained or cried, her heart was pure.
Now Rose found school a strange place, the other children did not take to her, she became a loner, often she would just stick her head in books to be free of the other children’s nasty taunts.Each night when rose returned home from school she chose not to tell her doting parents how unhappy she was as they had been through so much in their lives already, and each morning she left with a fake smile.
Years went past and Rose found that she had a way to deal with her pain, she had her box and she knew it was not an ordinary box as it was after all one the magic folks gave her, they told her that is was the key to her immortality and that she must never let it brake or be touched by another or her life force would escape, this box was made of cedar wood and encased with the most beautiful carvings, the carvings were of butterflies and the box had perfectly shiny Bass fastenings.
Now Rose took this box everywhere and she had made a discovery through the years, as with all magic it can sometimes be a dark curse as much as a blessing.Rose discovered that every time she felt pain she could untie the binding that ran down the sides of her body and take out the razors that she was stuffed with, she could purge her fingers in just deep enough to also grab tiny pieces of her glitter dust heart, when ever she felt pain she did this, she placed one Razor and one grain of Glitter dust into the box, then sewed back up her seams, every time she did this her pain went away, and she felt numb for the rest of the day and thus never needed to feel pain or cry.
Rose did this for many years, as people did not except her into society well and it pained her deeply, it was like they knew she was different, she tried hard to be kind, compassionate and she did not have it in her to cry when they taunted her so her pain was kept inside and that pain needed release and into the box she poured her beautiful soul and heart!.
Her mother noticed rose change, at first it was subtle then as the years went on rose became distant ever retreating into her own mind writing consistently, and reading everything and anything to avoid talking to people.Her mother was worried, but did not know what to do after all Rose never complained she never cried so maybe she thought to herself she was worried about nothing.
One summers day Rose was on the green at school, she was now 16 years old, and she was reading, the other children had been particularly cruel to her that day and she felt the need to escape into one of her books, she sat and she read Alice in wonderland and oh how she wished she could fall into another world just like Alice.
As she was sat thinking that very thought and feeling sad she played with her stitching’s and pulled out one razor and one glitter dust particle and put them in her box and she felt better.
All the while a young girl from Roses class watched as she did this and her eyes grew larger and larger, looking at her in almost disbelief, and she hatched a tiny nasty little plan in her head, her eyes rolled greedily over the box, she always Knew rose was different but my oh my wait till she told the others what she really was, she needed to get that box, she decided.
It was not long before the school Bell went and lunch was over, Rose stood and started to walk to class as she turned the corner there was a group of her peers whispering in a little crowd, she could hear her name but cared not for what they said she was after all numb, she could not feel any hurt and she continued to walk.
Just before she had chance to swing the school door open, one of the boys from the group caught her arm he intended to grab her box, as he did so Rose let go of her box in surprise and it fell hard to the school yard floor, Rose gasped in horror, the boys face changed he looked at rose and fear struck into his heart hard, the crowd of adolescents not noticing for a moment what was happening jeered him on telling him to look at her sides, and chanting “freak” at Rose…
Moments later Rose no longer stood there, she dissipated into the air all that was left was a skin coloured fabric on the floor some razors and grains of Glitter dust inside the folds.
The boy shook and picked up the box, he unlatched the catch with care, as he did so thousands of butterflies flew out their wings shone in the sun, and they were the most beautiful site that he or anyone else that would ever look upon them would ever see, each and every child that day watched as the sky filled with glitter dust colored butterflies, yet as one pitched here and there they found they could not touch them as their fingers would bleed on their sharp wings almost like they were made of razors, and it hurt.

No one ever really knew her, they never took the time to see her inner beauty, her soul lifted to the breeze and flew away as fierce butterflies, butterflies filled of the pain of misunderstanding and they were forever and they were purely beautiful in their Horror.

The Mother and Father of the little girl got what they wished for, she could take away her own pain so never had to feel it, she never needed to cry, and her soul was eternal.

The moral of this story, be careful what you wish for and never Judge someones differences for they may have wonderful souls that outshine others…

Next time you judge someone just because they are different, remember, we cant all hide our pain in a box when people hurt us, and that pain stays with us forever…

The end.

The Razor Doll


Bristol, United Kingdom

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Artist's Description

A story of how cruelty can effect others to retreat inwards, how pain can be dealt with differently, and just a lil sprinkle of my own painful childhood.

Hope you enjoy this story.

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