A big "THANK YOU" from Bijan ... and from me.

It’s now a month or so more than a year since we first brought the art of Sara Moon to Red Bubble. Now, as we approach 50,000 gallery views and 200 sales it’s time to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to view the galleries, or taken the moment to favourite the work and/or leave comments and to those of course who have parted with their hard-earned cash to purchase something for themselves.
Because this is a managed gallery, I don’t often respond to comments because it doesn’t seem quite right to speak on Bijan’s behalf on many matters, and so I reserve my input for moments where questions are asked that I feel I can answer, but PLEASE, do know that Bijan appreciates your support for his work so very much and it is only his lack of computer know-how and his limited English that prevents him from being here amongst us.
So from me too, it’s a HUGE thank you, both to Bijan for allowing me to head up his Internet presence as always and to all of you for, well, EVERYTHING!
John D Moulton
International Business Manager

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