When I stopped in this last Saturday to see grandma—I brought with me my little children. I was not sure how they would react to seeing grandma in her last days, but I knew that they needed to remember grandma and identify with the reality that when our work is done here on this earth we must move on to a higher realm.
Both my little ones asked questions and in their little minds made sense of the situation. They asked question after question just to be sure. They since have learned that grandma passed they have formed their ideas as to why and how. Of the comments that my little darlings have made to me, my son has by far explained the situation to me with all but clarity. I knew that he was a special child and understood more then anyone may have thought about life when he was at the young age of 3—he told me that when he was in heaven, he chose me to be his mother long before any of us where here on this earth—
When it came to the passing of grandma, and I told him that grandma was in heaven, he responded with assurance that “Grandma was already in heaven when he seen her sleeping” and when I asked him to explain this to me, he simply stated “she was tricking us”.
Of this comment I began to make sense myself:
As we hang on to the tangible things in this life—people—items—or situations, each of us has our own reasons as to why letting go of a loved one is difficult.
Our children are the closest things we have to GOD in a tangible sense—while our elders are the closest things we can relate to heaven. What we forget or lose sight of is the peace that heaven has to offer us and we become caught up in the selfishness of this world.
While my son identified with grandma passing as a simple transition where she was already in heaven while she was asleep that fateful Saturday—I identified with the fact that he had to be right and was letting me know that GOD really does have a plan— Grandma in my sons heart was already in heaven—she was preparing us for the inevitable—whether we understand it or not—from the innocence of our children comes a pure understanding that is unscathed and without the life long exposures of the good and the bad that we find all around us in this world.
On this note, I would like to say that I know grandma is safe within the gates of heaven—GOD has blessed her with many experiences that no one else in this world could take back to him except her.

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