200,000+ Views!!!


I’ve not been active properly on RB for quite a number of months now having had huge health and time restraints…

Healthwise, I still have issues (don’t we all!! Lol) and don’t have a right lot of time nowadays to fullfill my wants on the www, and that includes RB.

But whilst I’ve been “away”, I’ve still popped in occasionally, to see what was occurring… Lots of different things are happening, good and bad in my opinion, but lets not go down there!!!

Anyways, the reason for this journal is to say a big, big, big, thank you to you ALL for all your caring, and kinds words of encouragement, and for keeping up your fantastic support…. I wish I could thank you all personally, but that is a huge, huge mountain to climb and a bit of a mission impossible at the moment…

Once again, THANK YOU s

A considerable Milestone !! YEAH!!

Hi there you wonderful friends old and new!…

I’ve been easing my way back into redbubble by adding just a few shots, having had a break from RB, and various illnesses.

But what I’m SO, SO, very very thrilled about is this:………………

My portfolio has reached well over 107,600 hits, or views!

Blumming eck! You read it right! one hundred and seven thousand six hudred (Plus) hits!

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I honestly can’t believe, that in 18 months, I’ve reached this amazing and phonominal amount..

Your support from new and old and dear friends had made that figure, and I want to sincerely thank you all for ALL your support you have given me all over this last 18 months…… It is hugely appreciated.

Thank you indeed, and enjoy the rest of the weekend you lovely folk!

Cheerio for now,

Love to All,


Wow! And Double Wow!

Hi there friends!…

Well, I’m absolutely gob-smacked by RB! It was brought to my attention by the lovely Lois Bryan that the image below has been featured on their first homepage, and also on “Explore” today (Saturday 16th April 2011) Thank you so much Lois!

My dearest friend Irene Burdell has kindly done the screenshots of the two pages. (As I haven’t learnt how to do that yet!) Thank you very much for doing this for me Irene….


featured page

I would just like to say how much of a confidence booster this has given me. I would also like to mention that my confidence has been dwaining with my photography and I think that is due to my low mood of late. It has been quite a few weeks where I haven’t been as cheerful as I normally am. Sometimes I’m up, and mostly I have been down

Apologies To All

Hi there to all my friends,

Just thought it best to say how sorry I am if I’m confusing you!!

I have recently been given some new medication and I haven’t got used to it yet, and I’ve been told that I’m forgetting all sorts of things! It’s very, very, strong (Morphine), and I take it for some pain I’ve been getting, and it works, but it does send me a bit woozy and forgetful…. (I wonder if I’ll remember writing this lol!!), so please forgive me if I have commented on your work and it sounds a bit strange, or I have repeated myself.

I just hope that you wonderful folk understand…..

So, until I’ve got my head round things, I’ll do my best not to confuse things for you even further!!

Many thanks,
Keep smiling,
and take care,

Love Sandi xx

My RB Birthday! ~ 1 Year On ~

Hi there my friends old and new!…….…

Well it’s been 12 months since I joined Redbubble and what a blast it has been! I’ve made so many new friends since joining, one of which (Irene Burdell) ), bless her, has now become a very very close friend whom I talk to at least once a day and see very regularly.

I’d like to thank you all very very much for supporting me and my work. I am amazed and so gladly appreciative of all your comments, favours, and bmails that I have come across in the year that I have been with RB. You are all extremely talented people, and I have learnt so, so much along the way, particularly from Irene…


If it wasn’t for all you wonderful friends I wouldn’t have reached the magical number of

60,400 views!! …..WOW! Yes, my view pages now reads over si

My Web Site

Hi there my good friends!

Just thought that you might want to have a peek at my RB web site…..

Put the kettle on, make a nice brew, and then just click on to the link, and there you go straight to it!…..

My Bubblesite

Hope you find joy from looking through my work!
If you wish to pass any comments, I’d be delighted to know what you think of it, and maybe critique the site, and let me know of any improvements that can be done to it.


Take care,
and many thanks to you all

Love Sandi :))))xx

Woop! Woop! I Made Another Sale!!

Hi there!

Wow and double wow! I made another sale!!


I do hope that you have lots of enjoyment from it!!

It’s hard to believe that someone thought my work was so brilliant that someone showed their appreciation with their wallet…… As Mr Baxter said in my email earlier!!! LOL…..

Here it is again:-

Very many thanks to you,
Take care
Love Sandi :))))x

I Made A Sale!

Hi there!

Thank you very much to the anonymous buyer who bought a postcard of
“A Rose and It’s Bud”….. I hope you get lots of enjoyment from it!!

Once again, I thank you…

Love Sandi xxx

I Made It On To The RB Homepage!!

Hi there!

I am just so excited and thrilled to bits that one of my images has made it on to the RB Homepage!


This is what the page looks like……

And this is the link to my image…….

The Rose And It’s Bud

I’m genuinely over the moon! And it is a lovely surprise to wake up to!

Thank you RB, and thank you to all my friends old and new who support me. I’m very very grateful.

Take care everyone, and have a lovely weekend,
It’s snowing here in Bradford, so take care too,
and wrap up warm if it snowing where you are!

Love Sandi

50,000 + Views ~ WOW!

Hi there yawl,

Well after being with RB for 10 months now, I have finally reached a big, big, milestone!


I’ve had my work viewed over 50,000 ! ! ! Yes it’s true, fifty thousand of you and more have had a look at my images! I can’t believe it ……Something which has now made my somewhat dismal evening not so bad after all!! ……..


To each and everyone of you.

Take care,
and keep well.

Sandi :))

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