After the xrays and talk with the vet

I will be getting copy of the xrays.

What has happened to Loki is a ‘rotated fracture of the distal femur growth plate’. Unfortunately, it can’t just be left alone to heal on its’ own as it’s got his knee cap on it too. It has to be rotated back to it’s original position, and pinned to the femur. It’s because of the growth plate. If that isn’t reattached, Loki’s leg will not grow for one thing, the other is there is that the fractured part is free floating. Vet did try to manipulate it into place for a possible soft splinted cast, but it didn’t work.

The goodish news is Loki is young and will heal fast, and worst case scenario is he might have a slight limp, but with being young he will adapt to it. Vet expects full recovery.

The bill… It’s going to be close to 2k. :/ Hubby made ‘jokes’ before we got that bad news about just getting a new kitten, not realising I would spend most of the day an emotional wreck. Yeah yeah, some people that don’t have pets, or just think of them as dumb animals won’t understand how they become part of your life. But responsible pet owners know that having a pet is like having a non verbal child. If they are sick or hurt, you have the responsibility to take care of it.

His ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ has come up to bite him on the butt. I had been asking for years to get pet insurance. The yearly cost for covering both our hairballs would have been what this emergency office visit bill, not including the surgical fee, just the emergency exam and xray charge. He doesn’t know it yet, but I was so rattled by his ’just get a new kitten" comment just got it. Might not cover this injury with Loki, but all others will be.

He found out later just how upset his ‘joke’ made me, and he has been very contrite and kind.

Loki gets operated on today. It will be a long day.

If you know anyone who might like to buy a cute card,
please send them to Loki pictures Redbubble

I’m asking, not demanding. Any and all Loki marked sales will go to defray cost of Loki’s vet bills. I know lots of people scam, but I will provide photographs, and copies of vet bills. He is at South Street Vet Clinic
You can call or email and ask about him if you want.

EDIT: If you choose something other than a ’Loki" tagged item, but still want the sale to go to the vet bill, please let me know.

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