It's 5am... do you know what your cat wants?

Loki was politely insistent. Nudge, nuzzle, purrrrrrrr. Then he carefully minced down the side of the bed, over to hubby’s side, and I heard sleepy murmurs and could feel the rhythm of Loki getting pets from him. Then, Loki went down his side of the bed, came back up to me, nudge nuzzle PURRRR, and he climbed on my pillow then laid down…. for about 1 minute.

Again, minced down my side of the bed, past my feet, over to hubby. More murmuring (‘sleep kitty’ was distinctly heard by me). Then he came back around to my side, draped himself over my lower leg and started licking my foot. A quiet ‘eep’ escaped from me. Back up to hubby’s side of the bed.. for about a minute. Then he once again came back to my side, tiptoed up to me and snogged my face, and did the same thing he did to me that caused us to select him. He somehow ended up shoving his nose up my nostril and PURRED! Let me tell you, having your adenoids rattled like that is a surefire way for instant alertness.

I got up. His job done, he purred and mewed while I umm took care of umm errr ‘wake up’ issues, and was joined by Keito. Went to the kitchen, and lo and behold, they mystery of the predawn wake up was fully evident.


Fed now, purring and both are doing the “aren’t I the cutest thing you have ever seen?” routine.

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