It's better to ask forgiveness than permission

I am getting a ‘new’ camera.

•EOS Digital Rebel (300D) w/ Wasia hack (can do ISO 3200, MLU, etc.)
•BG-E1 battery grip with two BP511A batteries
•EF-S 18-55mm kit lens
•Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 XR Di lens
•RC-1 wireless remote, and cable remote
•Promaster 512mb CF card (I will be replacing this with a 4 gig)

Yes, I know it’s an entry level digital SLR, but I got it for specific purpose. I love my Lumix FZ30, as you can tell from my photo gallery, it takes fabulous photographs. I had been considering getting the FZ50, but after many weeks of research, and several visits to DPReview, I nixed that idea. If you have never used the FZ30, the FZ50 is fine.

However, if you have used the FZ30, the 50 is just different, not necessarily better. It has a ‘feature’ on it that unless they release a firmware update, makes the camera a no go for me. Automatic Noise Reduction. I have seen the results of it, and I do not like it. It ends up blurring out fine details, and with some of the close ups, and macro work I do makes this camera not for me.

The other ‘nefarious’ reason I want a 2nd digital camera is I want Wing (hubby) and I to take a photography classes. I could use a brush up, and refresher course. He used to be a helluva shutterbug, but for some odd reason, he stopped. I am hoping when this ‘new’ camera gets here, after he stops sputtering, he will once again start pressing the shutter button.

If not, I have use for the camera.

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