The bits and pieces keep rolling in

Now I have my remote shutter control, USB cable, and bounce flash. Since SD cards do have a finite insertion life, being able to read the images directly from the camera will extend that. The remote shutter control I used for the I will Keeeel You Now so I could get that ‘glaring up at me look’, rather than the looking into the camera.

I tried out the bounce flash, and what a difference it made. The onboard flash is ok, but there is nothing better than having an alternate light source to brighten images without leaving harsh shadows, and without blanching the colors.

All that is left to wait for is filters set… and a new telephoto lens. Mine met with a slight accident due to an overly helpful hubby. I was taking the camera down, and he just didn’t listen when I said “No, dear, I can do it.” and his hands got in the way at the wrong time. I managed to catch the lens before it hit the ground, but now the coating has a < 1 cm scratch on the outside edge going inwards, about the thickness of a hair. He was most apologetic.

I can still use the lens, but I would have to edit out a ‘hair’ from each and every image if it showed up. It might not, because it’s that shallow, but I want a perfect lens. I have found a way to recoat/frepair it, but am having trouble finding the product to do it. No, not one of the mass marketed garbage for eye glasses, but something tried and true for shallow scratches in the lens coating. If it works, I will have a back up lens.

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