Why I like taking pictures of Loki

For one thing, he is adorable, and seems to pose for the camera, more often than not.

But the main reason is his unique coloring. He is such an unusually vividly marked silver tabby, that his colors seem ‘grey scaled’ or color denatured in many of the photographs I take of him. This unique coloring makes him stand out in just about every environment he is in; whether indoors or outdoors.

Getting the lighting right with him, so his colors don’t appear blanched or bleached is tricky, but the end result is well worth it.

I do sometimes digitally manipulate the photographs to add more depth to them, or just to make them a bit more interesting. His coloring seem to suit an ‘oil painting’ manipulation very nicely.

The biggest reason… I am grateful that he is still here with me. (leans over and scritches him between the ears)

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