Photographing fast moving birds

I have a large-ish group of New Holland Honey Eaters living in my back yard. They are so fast that at least 80% of the shots are bare trees, because the bird vacated just as I pressed shutter button. Of the remaining 20% over half of them are blurry. Of what is left, I have them from the back or there is an object in the way of most of them (wind can be a pain).

I found a rather novel way of getting the honey eaters to come out and stay out so I can get some good shots of them.

We have a triffid, errr bougainvillea in our back yard. There are at least 4 baby/juvenile honey eaters nesting in there, with the entire flock caring for them. I bring Loki out, on his harness, and tie him off where he can hear them,and sort of see them, and it makes the adults come out and try to distract us or drive us away. I managed to get some great pictures. Have to go through them and make sure they are as clear and sharp they should be.

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