Odds and ends

The two extra batteries have arrived. No more having it go flat right in the middle of a good shoot.

So, I am looking at my photography camera kit. I got a cloth/sports cosmetic case, and added extra foam padding under the liner and the bottom panel. Telephoto lens, wide angle lens, lens adapter ring, filters, lens cleaning kit, tripod, and one rubber glove.

It seems the the adapter ring is a bit too thin for me to get a good grip on it to remove it. So, one dishwashing/cleaning rubber glove fixed that problem, as it grips the thin edge just enough for me to unscrew it.

Now, just will hope for a good spate of weather to head out and about.

On a small worrisome aside, Affy, the Jungle Cat, has gone AWOL. It’s not the first time he has gone missing, but he is old, and we are worried. Here’s hoping he comes home soon.

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