Candid shots aren't easy to get

Today, I was walking around Fremantle, doing the weekly ‘pillage’ (aka grocery shopping) with my camera slung over my neck. (I almost never go anywhere without at least one camera).

What’s difficult is having to skulk unobtrusively, without looking like you are skulking around, because when anyone sees a camera, they either stiffen up, or start mugging at the camera.

I had a great shot lined up, a woman with two grocery bags, talking on her cell phone. Then someone who I wasn’t taking a photograph of started acting like a buffoon at me&camera, causing the woman to look around to see what and why. She sees me, and the fake smile and pose ensued.

I glared at the person who ruined the shot, and he asked “Want to take my picture?”
I just tilted my head and gave him the “You are joking” look, and put lens cap back on.

Luckily for me, another opportunity for a candid photograph came by.

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