A great reason to manipulate an image

I got a great shot of Loki. He had been allowed out of ‘confinement’ for a carefully supervised jaunt around the house.

He started getting a bit overzealous in his appreciation of the furlough, and started trying to run amok. He knew I was coming to get him, and hopped up on a low table. It was too good a shot to miss, so I fetched camera, and as luck would have it he hadn’t moved. (probably testament to how much the walk about tired him). Took a great picture of him.

I noticed something when looking at the photograph. The regrowing fur was obviously thin. But it was too good a picture to toss. So, I ran it through one of my graphics programs and used an oil painting texture on the picture, and then adjusted the lighter colors of the regrowth area. It ‘corrected’ the problem with the thin fur area.

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