Tools vs toys

Yesterday, I saw someone selling Bamboo Fun, Medium sized for an extremely reasonable price. After months of frustration with my old Graphire 3, I decided to get one. Got it home, uninstalled the Graphire, installed the Bamboo.

Turns out I was right, there was something not quite right between the Graphire and my main computer. I am beginning to wonder if my purchase curse had struck when I got the Graphire (no matter what I get, if I select it from the shelf/group/display, the first one is always faulty. Friends and family thought this was a joke until they saw it in action.) but I had medical issues that kept me from using it (eye infection, and two months after that, spinal problem).

Probably, but either way it’s been resolved. So, I played around with the Bamboo, to get familiar with it, and am amazed at the quality and sensitivity of it. I just did a few scribbles, doodles and random lines to see how the controls worked. Then I did a few simple line drawings. Nothing major, but I wanted to see just how well it performed.

I see this definitely going to my photography “Tools” list.

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