Jumping right in, and obligatory first post

Yeah, what to say. I have enjoyed photography for many years, more than just catching snapshots at family gatherings or snowfalls.

Today,I decided to bite th bullet and get 3x /w macro telephoto and wide angle lenses, and UV/FD/Polarising filters I have really appreciated the comments I have gotten, and the advice (thank you, whirligig) Will have to wait a few weeks for delivery, but I am patient… just wait until I post some of my wildlife pictures. They are the epitome of being patient.

Now some might notice some ‘misspellings’ in my descriptions, but to me it’s not misspelling, as I am a US transplant, so forgive my color/neighbor/honor spellings. ;)

Again, thanks for the comments, viewings and advice. Hope to have some images that inspire.

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