Alvaro Sánchez

Guatemala, Guatemala

Alvaro Sánchez is a self taught graphic artist based in Guatemala city, His work is based on what he likes to call digital collage using...


Once again hello my friends just to share a quick last hour news my work is part of a compilation called AMALGAMAS ERRANTES (WANDERING BLENDS) of poetry and visuals to celebrate the second aniversary of I PROMISE YOU ANARCHY a great blog about guatemalan literature and art mostly, a great iniciative by writer poet and blogger Rafael Romero. I would like to make public my gratitude for the great support to my work, if you have the time please check the publication, you will find interesting work of literarute and visuals of guatemalan artists like: ROBERTO WAGNER, ALFONSO HUERTA, JAVIER UCLÉS, VANIA VARGAS, EDGAR QUISQUINAY, PAULA MORALES, ANDRÉ CHOCÓ, OSWALDO J. HERNÁNDEZ, ÁLVARO SÁNCHEZ, LUIS VILLOND, LESTER OLIVEROS, JULIO PRADO, LUIS FERNANDO ALEJOS, HÉCTOR CÁRDENAS, JULIO ENRIQUE PELLECER, MARCO VALERIO REYES, NANCY MORALES Y ANDRÉ GRIBBLE. in case you´re wondering what´s happening in the art scene in Guatemala Central America.
I´m very pleased with this last hour news guess im gonna have to double toast tomorrow at new years day!

cheers my friends

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