Alvaro Sánchez

Guatemala, Guatemala

Alvaro Sánchez is a self taught graphic artist based in Guatemala city, His work is based on what he likes to call digital collage using...


Well actually im not cursing or insulting nobody here,,but i have to share this good news with you all RB friends. After some months BASTARD MAGAZINE from Germany is back on track again, this is for me one of the coolest pdfs mags on line and specially for me becuase it has supported my work for the last 3 years at least now if you have the time and you dont mind please check the website download the magazine and the previous publications, youll find there the work of a lot a lot of so talented people! and who knows woud love to see the work there of you guys! so take care my friends!!!

pd: and please excuse my awful english writing but i think you get the idea!! hahahaha

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