Sam Sneddon

Dandenong North, Australia

Passionate photographer who loves to shoot seascapes and discover unknown and unseen treasures along Victoria’s coastline. ...

Sleepless In Mulgrave

I call it a break, but it wasn’t one made as a choice, or was it? I can’t really answer that. In the last 9 months I’ve pretty much ceased shooting almost completely because of some very important events in my life, firstly and most importantly starting with getting engaged and married, turning 30, moving in to our first home and getting a promo at work – and I can tell, I’m suffering the ‘lack-of-shooting’ symptoms; Talking about, and looking at photography a lot of the time, studying weather charts, charging my camera batteries, cold-sweats, shakey hands, rocking back and forth in my chair making shutter sounds with my mouth.

Thankfully, a couple of recent phone calls have giving me the fuel to get going again; an end of year exhibition invite and some commission work from an old client. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have some images to show you and I’ll spend a bit more time in here with you peepz.

Take Care Out There

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