Sam Sneddon

Dandenong North, Australia

Passionate photographer who loves to shoot seascapes and discover unknown and unseen treasures along Victoria’s coastline. ...

The Power Above Us

If there is one thing that makes the mind boggle it’s the shear power of the weather and the beautiful and terrifying clouds that comes with it. Here is a selection of images from other artists, who’ve captured through photography, the amazing power above us!

Big Daddy by Peter Marin

Heavenly Clouds By John Conway

Safe Anchorage By Tony Middleton

Top-End Thunderstorm By Tony Middleton

Mothership – Outback Qld
By Tony Middleton

Late Storm 3 By Hans Kawitzki

Mammatas Clouds By EOS20

Rolling Clouds Marlo By Helmutk

Foreboding By mccblue

Unfortunately where I live (Melbourne), we aren’t in a tropical climate (though it feels like it’s heading that way) and so when we do get spectacular clouds they are few and far between. There have been many occasions when I had wished that I’d had my camera at the ready, but sometimes I guess those moments are only meant for enjoying rather than capturing.

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