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Dandenong North, Australia

Passionate photographer who loves to shoot seascapes and discover unknown and unseen treasures along Victoria’s coastline. ...

Best 10 of the Least Seen 10% for the week

The best 10 pieces of art, selected from the bottom 10 percent viewed pieces of art for the last 7 days as selected by Sam and Christine

In no particular order of preference:

(CHRISTINE): I really love B&W , so i am biased anyway. I really loved the contrast of the dark skin and the pale pearls, the smoothness of the pearls and the texture of the skin. I love B&W’s close-ups that show skin texture. It also manages to pull of a beautiful, elegant glamorous feel that i quite like.
(SAM) I agree with Christine that the contrast of black and white as well as the textures of the pearls vs skin is wonderful. Great capture.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse
(SAM) I enjoy water colour paintings and Derek has a particular style of painting that is perfect for this format. The simple use of lines and minimal detail makes this image very bright, cheery and aesthetically pleasing.
(CHRISTINE) since the purpose of our little exercise is to highlight some of the less view artwork and paintings are definitely the minority on this site, i felt we should include more non-photographic art. i just like the colours and simpleness of this picture too, i also agree that it is very cheerful. I also love the effect of the shading in the clouds and the delicateness of the red-leaved tree.

Lentils & Beans
(SAM) There is a lot I like about this photograph. The short depth of field, the variety of shades of lentils and beans and the cleanness of the overall image. Very professional. I feel a lot of care has been put in to the composition of this image.
(CHRISTINE) I really like rounded smooth lines on objects so the fact that this uses rounded-handled silver spoons attracted me straight away. i too like the cleanness and variety used. My parents are Anglo-Indian so it reminds me of Indian food and exotic spice markets.

Whiteford Lighthouse
(CHRISTINE) This is easily my favourite, beautiful clear, sharp image, great composition, i can see Paul has a good eye! The smoothness of the sky and lovely colours are picked up perfectly in the reflection – which Paul has also taken the care to include the whole reflection of the lighthouse, and this makes a great contrast against the dark pebbles.
(SAM) I love this shot too. I find the clear sky, with its soft gradient contrasts perfectly with the lines and textures of both the lighthouse itself but also with the pebbles below. Shapes and tones abound in this photograph that is perfectly composed.

(SAM) Great example of quality photojournalism whether intended or not. This image captures a mood and a little moment in the cultural lifestyle of this community. Great expressions, interesting subject. Great overall.
(CHRISTINE) I LOVE this shot. I reminds me of the MILK series of books. A really well balance composition, with a nice clear picture, happy children, who look like they are really having fun. Captures a moment in time , a snap-shot of daily life and an expression that is somewhat posed, yet natural. Surely everyone else must notice this shot too??!

Antique Series by Jason Michaels
(SAM) A simple yet interesting portrait style series of 5 different antique items. I think the concept is great, the series fascinating and would make a great feature on a wall.
(CHRISTINE) Completely agree with Sam. We both really love antiques and especially old-world curiosities and gadgets that have lost their use in the modern world. I think this is a great idea and a great way of displaying them without actually owning them. Imagine a whole series filled with treasures from your childhood! How happy would that make you feel!

Stuffed Peppers
(SAM) The sharpness and composition of this shot is obviously fantastic, but what is really important about food photography is showing the food at its best, looking fresh, colourful and inviting. All of these elements have been hit full force. You can’t help but feel hungry looking at this photo.
(CHRISTINE) Yummy, yummy and more yummy! great job on the food shot. I have helped Sam with commissioned food shots before and its not as easy as it looks. Kudos to Christopher for his good light balance and clarity.

(CHRISTINE) I have to say, i am SOOOO not into the horror genre at all, but credit where credit is due and this illustration really does show off debbie’s obvious talent. It reminds me a lot of the comic style of the movie Sin City.
(SAM) This is a really great illustration by Debbie. The attention to detail and accurate physical proportions all show through a very good eye and someone with a definite talent for this style of art.

Close-up of a Camellia flower.
(SAM) I like the composition of this shot and particularly the sharpness and strong, vibrant colours. Ron has done really well with this Macro.
(CHRISTINE) I liked the fact that it was a quite magnified macro and so highlights the lushness of the petals. I like that it is off-set too, makes it more interesting in a lot of other floral cliche’s. For me it was a toss up between this one and Colourful Journey by Kelly E Mead. Unfortunately that one, for me at least, had some issues of focus that i found too distracting.

(SAM) This contemporary black and white street photo reminds me of the Blues Brothers. The gritty streets of Detroit and the giant American cars of the 60’s. I think it’s really well captured and composed with good subject matter.
(CHRISTINE) Its very Hollywood Old School MGM stylish glam to me – i like that. B&W works great for this, it would have a totally different feel if shot in colour. I just love the shiny smoothness of it all.

Who are we, and why are we doing this?

I, Sam and my fiance Christine really enjoy being a part of the RedBubble community and have decided to post a thread to promote what we
think are the best 10 pieces of art of the bottom 10 percent of the viewed art for the last week. We plan to do this on a semi-regular
basis and I must mention that neither Christine or I have any qualifications in art or have a vast knowledge of the intricate techniques of
all the different forms of art. We do, however, love art and would like to promote the artists that we think deserve a little bit of
attention thrown their way.

(CHRISTINE) – i think we should at least declare our weapons before we start, so here’s what i got -

WEAPON OF CHOICE: EOS 33 (Film SLR – old skool and proud of it)/Fuji S602Z (training purposes only)


GENRE: B&W/Macro

(SAM) – Here is what I use -

WEAPON OF CHOICE: EOS 400D (Digital SLR – I push this little baby to its limits)


GENRE: Wide Angle Panoramic

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