Info wanted on D300/D700

Can someone please shed some light on a nagging thought I’ve had…

I’m in the market for either a D300 or a D700, so I’ve been checking out redbubble,photography sites, forums, ebay.. etc….

The question I have is, WHY do people invest in the D300, only to upgrade to the D700 with-in a matter of months? This seems to be a very common trend, but I don’t know why.

If you know why, or have had first hand experience in this, I’d love to get your feedback! I currently have a majority of FX lenses, so the full frame of the D700 is not a hassle, but upgrading to a SB-900 speedlight will be a necessity, as I currently have the SB-800 (which I can still use on my D80)

…. I’d really love to hear from you all on this matter!

- Sam.

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