Two years. Live in.

Mix culture. Close relationship.

Happy together. Never fight.

Say truth. Listen carefully.

I’m Jim. He’s John.

I’m yin. He’s yang.

Three years. No job.

Want ads. You’re hired.

Ride bus. Fight pollution.

Walk home. Good exercise.

See nature. Feel nature.

His nature. My nature.

Four years. My dear.

Let’s celebrate. Come here.

No marriage. Law forbids.

Same sex. Shame shame.

Two men. So what?

No divorce. No breakup.

Five years. Still here

He, environmentalist. Me, activist.

Save money. Joint account.

Any relationship? Business partners.

Open business. Flowers shop.

Flowers bloom. Business blooms.

Six years. West coast.

Let’s move. East coast.

Let’s toast. Let’s boast.

I’m moved, the most.

We’re here. We’re queer.

New York, New York.

Seven years. Need break.

Pleasure trip. Pleasure treat.

Reserve tickets. First class.

Plane delayed. Friendly skies.

Friends wave. Friends cry.

Send postcards. Have fun.

Eight years. We’re blessed.

In Bangladesh. Uttar Pradesh.

See Paris. Shop Hongkong.

Cruise Bahamas. Exotic Philippines.

Check in. Check out.

Eat in. Eat out.

Nine years. It’s time.

Go home. On time.

Check in. Holding hands.

Departure time. Bon voyage.

We’re back. We’re home.

New York, New York.

Ten years. September morn.

Two towers. People mourn.

Towers collapsed. Time lapsed.

Love lacks. Tears lasts.

Time passed. Time heals.

Memories fade. Memories clear.

Eleven years. Time flies.

Make love. Not war.

Push in. Push out.

Kiss me. Love me.

In Iraq, our friends

Got killed, got jailed.

Sudden illness. You’re tired.

You’re stressed. Sleep tight.

Lift weights. Recite poems.

Eighty pounds. Ezra Pound.

Sun pose. Moon pose.

Play Madonna. Strike pose.

Walk briskly. Hum tune.

Two miles. Davis, Miles.

Jog morning. Swim night.

Body’s healing. Body’s light.

Run dawn. Boston marathon.

Now mow, our lawn.

Go biking. No racing.

Cancer’s losing. Lance’s winning.

Do taichi. Feel chi.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Eat right. Vegan meals.

Animals’ welfare. Humanity’s welfare.

See now. You’re well.

You’re healthy. It’s wealth.

Dry cough. Sleepless nights.

Take medicine. Stop cough.

Dry kiss. No sex.

No work. Just rest.

Lie down. Watch movies.

Read books. Eat veggies.

Surf net. Read blog.

Log in, at Redbubble.

Get up. Surf’s up.

Watch tide. Don’t hide.

Weight loss. What happened?

Can’t eat. Can’t sleep.

Eat this. Throw up.

Try again. Swallow it.

Part lips. Drink this.

Don’t spill. That’s good.

What’s that? Nose lesion.

An allergy? That’s bad.

Severe diarrhea. Can’t pee.

Take time. Just relax.

Night sweats. You’re hot.

Change clothes. No buts.

Hold me. Straighten up.

Walk straight. Stand up.

Can’t breathe. No air.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Sudden breakdown. Dial 911.

Send help. At once!

Wake up. Hear me?

I’m here. My baby.

Sirens wail. Stretcher out.

Blood spills. Hurry up.

Emergency ward. Waiting room.

Hospital chapel. “Our Father…,”

Blood tests. Reds low.

Whites thin. HIV positive.

It’s AIDS. Evil virus.

Microscopic vampire. Blood tricks.

AIDS virus. Enlarge yourself.

Damn you! Let’s fight.

Sweet heart, I’m here.

How long? Who knows?

Hold on. Hold me.

Don’t cry. Be strong.

Loose stools. Short breath.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Nodes swell. Skin rashes.

Get mad. Fight back.

“Act up. Fight back.

Fight AIDS. Fight back."

“Don’t leave.” I won’t.

“Stay here.” I will.

White room. Another seizure.

Nurse, quick. Intensive care.

Speak up. I’m here.

Remember me? Your lover.

Where’s Plath? Where’s Wilde?

Come here. Our side.

Don’t forget. Not now.

Not yet. Live somehow.

Please try. Think back.

Twenty-five years. Our past.

Let go. No way.

Until I hear, my name.

Sun rise. Sun sets.

Moon shines. Stars fret.

Nature heaves. Nature sighs.

Wind blows. Wind cries.

Clock ticks. Heart beats.

Meter beeps. No more.

No more. No more.

No more. No more.

No more. No more.

No more. No more.

No more. No more.

No more. No more…,




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An epic poem told in a consistent two word phrase about life, love, beauty and loss in the lives of two gay men in love. It is the story of all of us.

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