Bubbles for Redbubble

Hi Everyone!

In my quest to learn more about everything and anything (even Maths) I had discovered that part of my camera had decded it didn’t want to be attached any more. I was deeply saddened by this but I’m sure it wasn’t a vital part. It can be forced back on at a later stage. (by a professional of course!) So for the time being, it has rested on my chest of draws. I have done everything I can think of to combat dust, but one thing still anoys me; I haven’t used it in a long time.

To rid myself of this annoyance (and avoid studying economics), I took out the bubbles my Grandmother gave me last weekend (even though I’m 19) and gently experiemented using different flashes, different sized bubbles, different focal points and lots of patience. The result: BUBBLE PICTURES!!! :O

They’re rather spiffing and very pretty.

As I don’t have too much time or a fast internet connection, I’m not sure if I can upload any today. So consider this a warning; I would love some feed back on my use of flash, macro and media.

>Watch this space!<—-

Your ever faithful bubble companion,


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