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Grew up in Hull (Yorkshire), moved to Preston (Lancashire) at 21 to study at UCLan. Graduated in 2011, wrote first novel in same year. /...

Hi. I’m Sam and I’m 26. Writer of fiction, creator of Denim & Leather Remembers, and various other bits and bobs.

Aside from that I play guitar in a metal band ( and I like going walking and climbing, and drinking cup after cup of tea (no sugar).
Feel free to ask me anything. It doesn’t have to be about me either, ask me any question and I’ll answer it. It’ll be a laugh.

Currently reading: The Devil’s Home On Leave, by Derek Raymond

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Draft 2 completed. Yay.

So draft two of The Last Laugh is completed. It’s far from finished, but I feel I’m at a nice milestone and it’s here that I’ll stop and take a break for a couple of weeks. / I’m pretty sure I’m going to change the title. The more I think about it, the less relevant it seems. If I am going to rename it, it’ll become ‘An Inside Joke’. / I’m forcing myself to leave it alone for a few weeks and n…
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Call it what you want, nobody reads this anyway.

It’s 13:41, Thursday 9th of February. I’ve just made the first cup of tea of the day and I’m listening to I Rule The Ruins by Warlock. They were an 80’s metal band, in case you didn’t know. / the road-lines of life have become somewhat blurry lately. I’m constantly battling uphill with my work and every time I sit down to do it, I ask myself what the point i…
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decisions, decisions.

So, between uni work, reading stuff for uni, writing and finishing that novella over the summer, the usual degree of self-loathing that comes with this profession and scribbling the odd flash fiction for the LEP to affirm to myself that I’m not a completely terrible person, I realise that I’ve been completely neglecting Legacy. / So I’ve decided to shelf it for now as I realise …
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do not adjust your computer. / There is nothing wrong with the signal. / We are in control now.
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God, Save Me From The Queen.

The Queen gave me that false smile that she gives to cameramen the whole world over. She was a professional liar, but up this close she wa…

An Inside Joke (Prologue. Subject to Change)

Brandt opened his mouth to tell her, then he heard Kayleigh: his wife, and the kid she’d brought home from inside the room. Together.

Hail to the King

You’re too tired to eat, too tired to go back to sleep. You don’t talk to anybody, because you’re too tired. You don’t go anywhere, becau…

Hate (Excerpt)

If he wants to go around, always scrapping, he can bloody well take what comes around can’t he? I’ll give him some myself if he’s not care…

The Jogger And The Rock

“What do you want?” “You’re a rock.” “What’s your point?” “Rock’s don’t talk.” “Who said so?” The rock snorted. / “Hello Rocky.” “Don’t ca…

Mistaken Identity

“What’s in the bag? Got your AK’s in there? Gonna blow up the school or summat?” / Oh God, here we go again, Samarjeet thought.


The boys laughed and jeered oi-oi’s while the girls wrinkled their brows and looked at her like she was some kind of deformed stillborn cal…


She said she remembered when us people were kept indoors, so’s we couldn’t bother people like them. Us people? Who does she mean ‘u…


Fire kept the wind away and the firelight brought the faces to memory. Sarah… It was too late to go back for her.

Here there be Monsters

“My God…” He dropped the compass when he saw where they were. His finger had traced their trajectory a foot and a half… The map ended af…

Voyage Home

Yeah, I’m the lone gunman, I’m smokin’ dynamite, I’m a blazing freight train tittiling off the rails, I’m going so damn fast.


Men would fight and die over and over like the endless turning of a wheel until only one man remained
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