Sam Dantone

Florence, Or, United States

I am a many faceted artist who works in many styles and mediums, and in all dimensions. Despite my artistic variances, there is a common...

MrHill goes to Bubbleland...

Hello all of my fellow Bubbleers,
I just wanted make a quick note to welcome a longtime friend to the Bubble. When I say long time, I’m going back to high school. If a teenager shouldn’t do it, MrHill and I did it together. MrHill and I have maintained a long distance friendship for nearly 25 years. We have sometimes gone a couple of years without talking, but we always pick up right where we left off. He is a talented word smith and visual artist. He has only been in the community for a few days and already he has amassed a budding portfolio. So, without any further ado, please take a gander and read of the works of MrHill

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